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Aspen City Council Objections to Open Carry Ban In City-Owned Buildings

Aspen Colorado Open Carry

⁉️ Aspen City Council Public Forum Objections to Open Carry Ban In City-Owned Buildings

Recently Aspen City Council passed a ban on open carry during city council meetings and within city building where posted. During the three hour hearing, Lauren Boebert, who is famous for checking BETO at a Colorado town hall not to long ago testified at this hearing.

I’m scratching my head right now trying to figure out why it’s okay for the people of aspen to carry guns concealed during city council meetings and within city buildings, but not okay to open carry.

This is a dumb distinction. I get it, seeing on gun on someone’s hip is startling to some people, but can we stop babying the public for one second.

For crying out loud, we are supposed to be adults. If you can’t handle seeing someone carry a gun for protection in a country that has the most guns in the world, you’re living in the wrong country.

Besides, anyone fighting to be able to carry a gun openly is not the person you’re worried about. Mass Shooter Joe doesn’t go to city council meetings and argue for open carry just so he can avoid having to conceal his gun on his way to a mass shooting.

Stop trying to hide the fact that we are a nation about our guns. That’s a good thing because it means we’re not a slave to the government. Not to mention, concealed carry is sexist as hell.

It’s not easy for a woman to conceal a gun on her body, they’re shaped differently and they wear their clothes a lot tighter than I wear mine.

Like it or not, Open carry is also a deterrent to crime. A woman concealed carrying is a far more likely target for crime than walking down the street open carrying, just saying.

It’s easy to pigeon hole open carry in the Losers trying to show out box, but those people are far few and in between. There are more people like Lauren, who want to open carry because they feel it’s the best way to carry the tool that use to protect their lives.

How about we not limit their ability to do that simply because it might make some people feel some type of way.

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